37 weeks + JORD Watches

I cannot believe I’m only two weeks away from meeting our little girl. This has seriously been the fastest pregnancy ever!

There are few things these days that still fit – this dress has been my go to dress through two pregnancies – so this late in my pregnancy,  I’ve focused on accessorizing.

37 weeks, almost there!

One of my favorite new accessories is this wood watch part of the Fieldcrest Series by JORD. The Fieldcrest Series is reminiscent of warm and sunny days, the blond wood of the maple is a constant reminder of carefree, simple summer days. Every time I wear this piece I get so many compliments! It’s super light weight and beautifully crafted.

JORD creates timepieces for men and women that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. They value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. They make watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

Wish List // September

This is it guys… I’m having a baby this month! This pregnancy has sure flew by and I only have about 18 days left before baby girl will be here. Obviously I’m excited about the upcoming season for a very important reason but I’m also excited for fall weather – and a break from the constant 90+ degree temperatures. Unfortunately, here in Georgia we won’t be getting any of that crisp, fresh weather until late October/early November so in the meantime, here are some items that are helping me get mentally prepared for the season to come. Check them out below!


The Key to Success in the Fashion Industry

In an earlier, simpler and more parochial world, all you needed to succeed in fashion was creative flair, a great fashion idea that tapped the appetites of the moment, and the means to make your product and get it to market. Perhaps that’s rather a lot. But in today’s increasingly globalized fashion market, with new digital technologies revolutionizing design and manufacture, that little list falls into the “necessary but insufficient” category.

A flair for design may be crucial, but today’s designers can’t afford to be Byronesque creators of artworks alone, focusing their energies solely on their latest muses. If you want to succeed, if you want to turn your creations into a profitable enterprise that allows you to go on creating, you need to understand how business works, how to can finance the manufacture and the logistics of getting your products to today’s vast, multi-billion-dollar global market, and how to secure investment to grow your business. Increasingly, in other words, you need to be an artist-entrepreneur.The importance of sound knowledge of business cannot be over-emphasized. New designer businesses still show high rates of failure, not because the product was at fault but because basic business acumen was missing. Fashion entrepreneurs, traditionally, have learned about business the hard way, through the hard knocks of unforgiving experience. The time has come for fashion entrepreneurs to be educated, not only in the intricacies of design, but also in business.

Thankfully, more fashion design courses are taking these dual necessities into account in the training they offer. These courses not only nurture and enhance students’ creative abilities, they teach crucial practical skills, such as production techniques and material properties. While some student fashion designers choose to work for an established fashion house upon graduation, increasing numbers are opting to become independent designers – and they’re being assisted through the inclusion of business and marketing modules during their training.

Yes, students need to immerse themselves in the different categories of fashion, from haute couture (expensive, made-to-measure, bespoke items made for individuals) to pret-a-porter (ready-to-wear, off-the-rack items that mirror the styles of the haute couture market, but at cheaper prices) to mass market, ready-to-wear items based on current trends in the big fashion brands. Increasingly, you’ll need to know how to go about successfully selling the pieces you create.

Knowing how to finance a fledgling business and attract investment are no longer optional extras for fashion designers: they’re fast becoming core skills. There are many successful, wealthy benefactors willing to assist a promising new fashion design business toward profitability. An exemplary figure is Lord Irvine Laidlaw, a Scottish baron, former member of the British House of Lords and a highly successful entrepreneur, who recently made a $2 million Columbia Business School donation. The gift will supplement needs-based scholarships and allow the school’s students to travel and learn abroad.

Investors are there to be persuaded. But if you’re one of today’s fashion designers, you must be armed with a sound knowledge of business principles if you wish to see your dreams and creations come to fruition.

Redecorating your house for a minimalist look

When it comes to decorating, less is more. Every few years, it is nice to spruce up your home and keep it looking fresh. If you are fed up of clutter and overly busy-looking houses, then the minimalist look is for you. Here are a few tips that will help you put this into action.

First of all, remember that it is a big job. It’s easiest to take it one room at a time; that way you can work your way through the house. Once you have chosen a room to begin on, start throwing out things that you don’t need or want. A clear out will let you see what you actually have in your room, and you’ll no doubt find things that you have forgotten about.

When redecorating, it is important to plan ahead before buying instead of rushing into the shops. For a minimalist look, you should avoid using too many colors.

White is the color recommended for your walls. It has a clean, peaceful, and minimalist look, and it is also hygienic because any stains or marks will easily show up to clean. It brightens up the room and makes it look more spacious. Not only is white the simplest but it is also the easiest color to add to. You can add color by either having one wall in a bright color or by simply adding colored cookware and utensils around the kitchen, or furniture around the other rooms.


Wood complements white walls well. If you are going to be purchasing new furniture, it may be useful to look into having matching wooden furniture. This will add a well-thought-out and organized look to your home.

The lighter your room and more minimalist, the bigger it will look. Clutter and dark colors make a room look cramped, and a messy environment is not comfortable to live in. By redecorating to give your home a minimalist look, you will be able to have the kind of home you are proud to bring people into because it is easier to keep tidy.

Although it is fashionable to have paintings or artwork hanging on walls, it is important not to get too carried away. A few, simple pieces will complement your room without taking away from the minimalist look.

When thinking about your windows, it may be an option to ditch the curtains for shutters. Shutters are nice to look at and easy to operate. Furthermore, they keep the window looking neater and are easier to clean because you don’t have to take them off the wall to wash. If you are looking for affordable luxury shutters, then why not try The Shutter Store? It is a reputable company with so much to offer to fit your individual needs.

Redecorating can be great fun. Just remember, when aiming for a minimalist look, less is more. A plain white palate with a splash of color gives a modern and clean look to your rooms. Good luck!

Favorite Fall Handbags

Ready for fall? Starting today until August 20th, Shopbop is offering 20% off their classic handbags. Check out this round up of my favorite bags all at a fabulous discount.  Simply enter INTHEBAG during checkout.

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