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The importance of good posture in the fashion world

Good posture is not just something to ignore. There are many important reasons why good posture should be taken seriously by everyone. However, in the fashion world it can also make the difference in clothing being displayed properly or just looking sloppy.

Posture speaks of your confidence level

Those with poor posture look like they have just given up on everything. This is not an attractive look to many people. The world of fashion is all about confidence. If someone sees clothes displayed on someone that does not look confident, then they might feel like they would look the same way. Great fashion should make you hold your head high and back straight. Even if you feel totally confident, you don’t want to send body language that says otherwise.

You can improve your posture more easily than you think

Fashion models are taught to have good posture. This ensures that clothes drape well on their bodies so that they are shown in their best light. One of the first steps towards good posture is to wear shoes that are suitable for your foot and body type. Good support in a shoe is essential. Never wear shoes that are too small or too large for you. Walking with a book on your head might make you feel silly, but it is a time-tested method of ensuring that you are standing up straight. High-heeled shoes are often used on the catwalk. Unfortunately, wearing these shoes for extended periods of time can significantly increase the amount of pressure on key areas of your foot. Many modern styles opt for lower heels for day-to-day use and save the high heels for special occasion wear.

You will look better in the most fashionable clothing with good posture

While many of us exhibit good posture when trying on clothes, it is easy to let it all hang out after the shopping session is done. This means that clothes are going to look different when you get them home. You cannot replicate how clothing looked when you tried it on if you don’t stand that way normally.

The way you stand when you are young is a hard habit to break

Good posture habits are best achieved when you are young. As we get older, habits become harder to break. Good Chiropractic care for kids is very important for those that one day want to be involved in the exciting world of fashion or design. There are many posture issues that can be related to problems that can be treated easily if caught early on in a child’s life.

Less back pain means you look better

Slouching can cause some people a lot of back pain and soreness. When you are sore and in pain, you will not be as upbeat and happy as you would otherwise. This can drastically affect your appearance and your mood when dealing with others around you. There are many fashionable and comfortable looks that can help with your posture, such as wearing belts on your natural waistline and good supportive garments. This is especially true if you have previous injuries that cause you back or joint pain.

Summer is here! Stylish looks you need in 2015

Summer heralds the arrival of the new post-spring looks for 2015, as first viewed during the fashion shows in the autumn of last year, and what a fabulous collection of styles there are! If you browse the websites of any of the designer brands, you will pick up clues to current trends and can even watch video clips of some of the runway presentations that took place at all the major international fashion events. Here are three fashion ideas that are set to be particularly hot this summer.

Patterns to play with

Just as the iconic British brand Burberry took the fashion world by surprise when checked patterns that had long been confined to scarves for men suddenly began appearing on women’s purses and bags, gloves, and even umbrellas, so traditional gingham is getting a unique makeover for the summer, as are bold-striped patterns and off-the-wall treatments of animal prints. Gingham has been used to great effect by Michael Kors, Karen Walker and Diane von Furstenberg, to name a few, in stylish skirts, flowing asymmetrical dresses, and safari-type suits. Taylor Swift, American singer-songwriter and actress, has been spotted wearing a combination of patterned layers (some not unlike the Burberry check) in New York City.

Stripes are favored by Victoria Beckham with a nod to the seventies, but their placement is unique, and the clever effect on floor-length garments is of converging chevrons – a tantalizingly pretty and smart result. Peter Som uses differently angled stripes on summer skirts, while Tibi opts for more conventionally styled large vertical stripes on wide cropped culottes for a nautical feel. Click here if you want to see more inspirational designer clothing that is affordable on a budget.

Seventies themes

Although there isn’t a padded shoulder in sight, there is definitely a seventies feel to some of the combinations proffered by the design houses, including relaxed tailoring and statement prints. Besides the stripes and checks, batik jumpsuits, abstract and geometric print trousers, and floral maxi dresses and kimonos have all reappeared – albeit with 2015 styling.

Colored suede and pleated leather have emerged alongside the ubiquitous denim trend that seems unlikely ever to disappear, and is applied to shorts and skirts as well as to trousers. British model, DJ, and fashion icon Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor particularly likes her pleated black leather skirt as she has been spotted wearing it on a number of occasions.

Floaty romantic garments

Finally, those balmy summer evenings haven’t been forgotten, and a number of designers have reinforced the femininity of styles for when you’re dressing up. Jenny Packham replaces those seventies shoulder pads with “power shoulders” – stylish off-the-shoulder dresses in a single color, which are elegant and graceful. Tibi outfits have off-the-shoulder tunic tops in a block color teamed with gently draped culottes in a contrasting color. Cushnie Et Ochs goes for the one-shoulder look and a shorter length but retains the fluid movement in the fabric and the solid color.

The fashion choices are plentiful, and you have a fine range of options when giving your wardrobe a makeover for the summer.

Wish List / June

I’m freaking out – it’s June! So many big and exciting things happening this month. Dylan turns one on the 18th, I enter my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and Brad and I are celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary on the 30th. But let’s kick off this month with a brand new Wish List full of items to get your ready for this summer. Enjoy!

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Loving: Personalized Necklaces

I recently had the pleasure of working with artist Emily Hill on two very special handmade necklaces. Emily creates one of a kind beautiful jewelry available in her Etsy shops – Emmy Shoppe & The Trendy Trinket

Emily began making pendants in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since. She works full time at a high-end artistic glass company by day, and as an Etsian at night. Emily works with several different materials including hand crafted fabric, floral, metal, pearl and reclaimed pieces.

Using Dylan’s footprints taken at the hospital and Jack’s index finger fingerprint, Emily created two unique pieces of jewelry that arrived just in time for Mother’s Day.

Make sure you stop by Emily’s Etsy stops and take a look at all the personalized items she has available, she will work with you to create the perfect piece just for you!

SPECIAL OFFER  Emily is offering all readers worldwide 25% off their entire order until June 14th. Simple enter ORCHID during check out.