Anthro / Urban Furniture Auction

Here’s some info on the first Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters furniture auction of the year.
Saturday, January 19 at 9am in Trenton, SC.
Let me know if you’ll be able to make it, I would love to say hi!
Check out some of my fabulous scores from previous auctions here.

17 thoughts on “Anthro / Urban Furniture Auction

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this…I’ll be sure to say Hi! if I see you. Does the auction start at 9 or is there a preview period?

    1. layersofmeaning

      I believe the doors open as early as 8:30. Most big items are in their warehouse so you can’t really see them but the smaller things – accessories, rugs, chairs are in the main room so you can check out what they have.

  2. akmgklsd

    One question for you! Does everything come built already? I’ll only be traveling with a medium sized SUV so fingers crossed that everythings somewhat compact!!

    thanks so much

  3. rachel

    I got the finn rocker (which was what I was really hoping for) and the anthro mirrored dresser (missing a drawer though – currently have a quilt in that space). Can’t wait for the next one – sorry you weren’t feeling well!

  4. rachel

    I know that one went for around 100 but it was damaged on the actual rocker area – mine was intact and 180 – it was what I went to the auction really hoping for so I was thrilled!

  5. Anna

    Do they have the schedule posted anywhere? I want to put it on my calendar since I accidentally missed the last one!! Thank you 🙂

    1. layersofmeaning Post author

      Hi Anna,
      There isn’t a schedule posted. They email me (I joined their mailing list during one of the auctions) about a week or two in advance. The auction is usually every 2-3 months. Whenever I receive the email, I post about it here or on my FB page.
      Maria Fe


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