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The Ideal Home Show once again returns to London’s Earl’s Court between 15th March and 1st April 2013. As always the show will feature the latest and best in home design, with plenty of gadgets and ideas for you to implement in your own home.
Image via Ideal Home Show
After success in previous years the Low Cost Living House is set to make a return this 2013. It’s a fully working home built to Category 6 standards, the highest rating in an energy efficient and eco-friendly home. The Low Cost Energy House is both a marvel of modern architecture and engineering, as well as being an inspiration on how to make the most of energy-saving principles and products that can help to reduce energy bills and everyday living costs. All of the energy saving methods on display are designed to be achievable whererever you live.

The Low Cost Living House is designed as an eco-friendly yet practical home built by famous services and repairs – they are great at roof repairs as well. It focuses on reducing energy use through reduced energy products and lifestyle changes. You’ll find ideas and inspiration as well as the latest technology, from solar panels to electric cars.

There’s plenty of advice available on how you can make your existing home more energy efficient and cheaper to run. With the Government’s Green Deal, announced in January, making the changes to your home has never been easier.

What is the Green Deal?
The Green Deal initiative is designed to help homeowners meet the upfront cost of making energy saving improvements to their homes. Expected energy savings, over the lifetime of the products, are then used to pay back the loan through the property’s electricity bill. Factored in to the Green Deal is a ‘Golden Rule’ which means that any expected energy savings must be greater than the cost of the improvements, so you won’t be caught out.
But What if I Move?
The loan is not tied to you, but to the property. Therefore if you move, the new owners take up the loan as they will enjoy the energy saving improvements that have been installed.
Where Can I Get More Information?
Sound complicated? Unsure if it’s right for you? If so, don’t panic. There’s plenty of further advice online, and the British Gas guide to the Green Deal should help to explain how you can make the most it to start making improvements in your home.
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