Making The Most of Your Rental

Just because you are in a rental, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your decor and style! Here are a few design tips to make the best of your temporary space.

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1. Can’t Paint? No Problem! Removable wallpaper is ideal for rental properties. Use it in a few areas and you will create a graphic and creative statement without breaking the bank.  Hygge and West offers a wide variety of modern removable wallpaper tile. Printed on a matte, polyester wall fabric, their tiles have a clear, low-tack wall adhesive backing that allows them to be reused and are easy to remove without leaving any residue.

2. Displaying Art – An easy way to make a space your own is by adding your favorite pieces of art. If your apartments  walls are made of materials (plaster, concrete) that make hammering nails difficult displaying art work and photographs is not impossible.

Simply lean an oversized piece on top of a buffet or dresser or lean them against a wall on the floor. Another creative way of displaying artwork is by using bookshelves or fireplace mantels.

3. Updating Light Fixtures – Another inexpensive way to make a rental space your own is by replacing light fixtures. The perfect light fixture can completely change the overall mood and ambiance of any space. The Dummies Channel offers a step by step video tutorial that guides you throw the installation process – no electrician needed!

4. Temporary Kitchen Storage Solution – Storage space is the number one issue home owners and renters alike have.  If your kitchen  offers enough space, adding a free standing island is the perfect solution. Not only will you add much needed extra storage but will also create a custom look. The space above kitchen cabinets usually goes unused, add baskets to hold utensils or bottles or stack all your cooking books or old magazines for a more graphic look.

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5. Add More Closet Space – If you lack enough closet space or if you are like me and have a ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes, why not add a stylish clothing rack to your bedroom or entry way and display your favorite items?

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Renting offers a multitude of benefits including flexibility of moving and getting problems looked at and resolved faster. There is no reason why renting vs buying should stop you from make a space a home. There are hundreds of beautiful apartments, condos and townhouses available waiting for you to add your personal touch and customize every inch without feeling constrained.

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