Microblading by Kristin Callaway BEAUTY + BROW and a Special Offer

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about microblading after I got my eyebrows done last month so I thought I would write a post sharing my experience. Let me start by saying that I’ve known Kristin for over 10 years. She did my make up — yes, she’s also an amazing make up artist — for my bridal portrait back in 2007 so I know how insanely talented she is.

Let’s start with the basics.

Microblading which is also known as eyebrow embroidery or feathering is semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where pigment is applied into the top basal layer of the epidermis. This procedure is done using a hand tool of bundled microneedles. The tool combined with the art make for incredible natural hair strokes that give the appearance of real hair. Typically a 6-12 week touch-up procedure is needed to ensure maximum retention and to correct any areas where the pigment may not have retained. Results generally last between 12-18 months, depending on the individual’s skin type, how well they adhere to aftercare procedures as well as environmental variables such as sun exposure.

I was a teen during the late 1990’s — what did that mean for my eyebrows? Over plucking of course! My main issue was the tail of my eyebrows and the fullness of the bulb along with not having the ideal brow shape.

Our consultation started with us talking about my concerns and with Kristin mixing the perfect pigment shade to match my hair, skin color and natural eyebrows.

Then she took some measurements to created a frame for my new eyebrows. She customized them not only fit my face but to look natural. The question I get asked the most is did it hurt? Not nearly as much as I thought it would! But I have a tattoo and have gone through labor pains and recovered from 3 c-sections, so… But honestly, it felt like a more intense version of eyebrow plucking. It was uncomfortable at times but it was never really painful. The process generally takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.

Only a few hours after microblading.

Kristin provides every customer with detailed after care instructions as well as a healing ointment (I’m wearing it above, only a few ours after my session). During your 6-12 week follow up, Kristin will touch up any areas if needed.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love my eyebrows now. They have reshaped my entire face and made my makeup routine much easier, one less thing to worry about! I couldn’t recommend this procedure enough. If can’t book an appointment with Kristin — you should, she’s the best — make sure you do some research! Ask for before and after pictures, talk to past customers, read reviews. I have seen a lot of horrible results, not all microblading specialists are trained the same and not all are talented.

After workout selfie — eyebrows always on point

Check out her Instagram page for lots of before and after pictures as well as videos of many satisfied customers.


Beauty has always been a big part of who I am. I remember as a little girl sneaking into my Granny’s vanity to get into her Cherry Red Cover Girl lipstick. I always loved the feeling of sass and pride that I felt rocking those red lips. Not just because I knew I was breaking the rules, but because it was an outward expression of how I felt on the inside.

As I got older, makeup and beauty became something all together different. It became a beautiful fusion of something I loved, art, and power. Not power in the traditional sense, but the power to totally change how someone felt about themselves. Throughout college, beauty became a beloved hobby. However through word of mouth and experience, it developed into a career. Eventually it led me to work for MAC Cosmetics. I received amazing training and experience with MAC and credit the majority of my makeup art skills to the company.

After leaving MAC cosmetics to pursue a freelance career I still felt a desire to further my skill and purpose in the art. With the help of dear friends, I was able to volunteer with the Lydia Project to help women recovering from cancer treatment to feel their best. This experience led me to research and learn more about the art of microblading, something I had a seen in the latest beauty trends. You see, most women that have to endure chemotherapy for cancer treatment do not regain their brows back; or if their brows do grow back, its very sparse. This perked my interest in pursuing microblading even more.

After researching many training facilities, I decided to train with Lavish Beauty + Brow in St. Mary, Florida. I began my career shortly after training and have been blessed with a booming business ever since. I look forward to helping more and more women and/or men feel their best through makeup and microblading art in the future. And also, look very much forward to an up and coming project working with women fighting cancer through this art!

If you are local (Augusta, GA area) Kristin is offering an exclusive 15% off discount on your first procedure which includes consult, microblading and a 6-12 week touch up. Package must be purchased by 5.8.17. You can book your appointment through her Facebook and Instagram pages or text her at (706) 284-5519. Make sure you let her know you saw this special offer here.

Microblading makes a great Mother’s Day gift & gift cards are available! Kristin is available for microblading parties and if you are not local but in the Georgia/South Carolina area, she is also available for travel for parties within a limited area. Get in touch with her for more info and details.

One thought on “Microblading by Kristin Callaway BEAUTY + BROW and a Special Offer

  1. Stephanie

    Kristin did my eyebrows March of this year and it’s changed my life! Seriously! No more having to draw on those brows every morning before work. I get a ton of people stopping me and asking me where I get my brows done at and I jump at the chance to tell them about Kristin and microblading. I’ve known Kristin since I was a little girl and she even did my wedding day make up. To say I trust her a lot is a understatement! If you’re debating getting your eyebrows done, take it from me it’s worth it and you will love it!!


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