How to Revamp the Spare Room in Style

Spare rooms are a great idea. They add value to your home. They give you the option of having guests stay over. They’re somewhere to throw the coats at a party. They’re also a bottomless pit of dust and temporary storage that you never did quite get around to sorting out. OK, that last part wasn’t so great. But that’s the reality of spare rooms. Just like that self-stirring saucepan you bought for yourself in last year’s sales, and just like that 5kg kettlebell and exercise DVD you borrowed from your mum, they’re in your house and ready to go but you never actually seem to want to use them. But build it, and they will come, as the famous expression goes. Let’s look at how you can revamp your spare room to finally start making the most of your square footage.

Lights, Decor, Fancy Bedding

Spare rooms don’t belong to anyone. You don’t need to consider where the homework desk is going to go. You don’t need to spend time choosing shelving units with enough space for books or personal trinkets. You don’t even need to think about colour schemes too much. So, what should your revamp planning involve? First off, lighting. Designer LED bulbs are in vogue right now. Bare bulbs with a visible filament are very chic. Why are they so popular? Because the aesthetic lends itself to worn in cosy rooms just as well as it contrasts perfectly with modern looking bright rooms. Check out these designer LED bulbs from LED Hut to get your creative juices flowing.

Now that you’ve got a handle on designer lighting, you need decor to match. For a rustic theme, go for earthy colors such as blues, greens, or stony grays. This will create the soft and welcoming tones of a secret den (if your budget can stretch, add a natural looking wooden headboard, see here for inspiration). Alternatively, a brighter more modern theme could involve … fancy bedding! You’ll have to decide for yourself on how fancy is too fancy. Purple silk with embroidered pillows and cream carpets? Too much? Each to their own.

image via Joyfully Growing

Avoid Two Single Beds

If there’s one thing more annoying than having to stay over at the in-law’s, it’s discovering that the spare room comes equipped with two single beds. Although this could be a space filler in a wider room, you’re really letting your guests down if you present them with an uncomfortable night’s rest atop a slim mattress that seems eager to eject all unsuspecting occupants for as much as daring to roll over. Make it a double at least. A queen or a king size works even better if you have the money.

And there we have it. A snazzy new spare room. All for the cost of a thought-out colour scheme, potentially a new wooden headboard (attached to one bed not two!), and a designer LED bulb – oh, did I mention they last a money saving 20-plus years? Just another top tip from me to you. Happy ravamping.

*this is a collaborative post

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