Spring 2018 Shoe Trends

Now that the warm weather is on its way it is time to go out and treat yourself to some new footwear. Pretty soon, you will be able to put your boots away and get into sandals, pumps and other more lightweight styles of shoes.

As you can see, jdwilliams.co.uk and other retailers are already stocking a good selection. For 2018, there are some really interesting trends.

The return of the wedge

If you are looking for a pair of classic shoes that look just as good with jeans as they do with a dress or skirt, wedges could be the answer. There are plenty of configurations to choose from. For the spring, the open-toed ones are a particularly good option.


Once the weather starts to warm up a bit the new style slingbacks are likely to prove quite popular. They are elegant enough to be worn to a party, yet look just as good worn with trousers for shopping at the weekends.


If you are looking for a smart pair of almost totally flat shoes, you really cannot go wrong with a pair of loafers. This is a trend that started last year and seems to have carried over into this season. The styling is super simple and the color palette far lighter, so they actually look a lot more elegant than the ones that were on sale during the winter.

Minimalist retro sneakers

If you are a gym bunny, you are going to love the new style sneakers that are just starting to hit the shops. There is definitely a retro vibe going on, with classic Adidas versions leading the way. It is also worth taking a look at the Lacoste Straightest sneakers. They are very stylish, but should still be robust enough to be worn for the gym and other forms of exercise.
This year, the sneakers that are available in the shops are nowhere near as chunky as the ones we were wearing in 2017. They look and feel a lot lighter.

Plus, if you want something a bit more stylish there are quite a few options available. Take a look at Sketcher´s lace sneakers and you will see what I mean.

Chunkier pumps

Oddly, this year´s pumps are chunkier. The soles and rubber across the toe area are both thicker, which makes them look a lot more like sneakers. But, they should look great with the slightly wider leg jeans we are all likely to be wearing, in 2018.
White is the dominant color
At the moment, white is the color that is dominating. Virtually every shoe retailer is stocking them. White shoes are quite versatile because they can be worn with most other colors. However, you do need to take care of them. Leather or manmade uppers are not too bad, but keeping a pair of white sneakers looking good enough to wear is not easy. However, it can be done, all you need to do is to follow the advice that you find here.

*this is a collaborative post.

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