What to Wear to an Outdoor Barbeque

Summer is fast approaching, and that means only one thing – summer barbeques.  As soon as the lighter nights start coming in, you will see that there is a distinct smell of charcoal in the air along with the freshly mown grass.  It’s likely that one of your friends might invite you over to their house for a nice barbeque full of great food, cocktails and friendly chit-chat.  Although that seems massively appealing to some of us, to others it’s a bit of a worry when we look in our wardrobe and don’t know what to wear. 

They are usually classified as a “casual” affair, but what does that really mean?  We have put together some tips below, so you can turn up to your next barbeque looking and feeling great.

Plan for the Day Ahead

It sounds silly, but make sure you know the details.  Is it a daytime or nighttime affair?  This could influence your outfit. It’s also important to check out if they had a specific dress code in mind (although the aforementioned “casual” is likely to be the answer) – but just on the off chance, you don’t want to dress down and look out of place.  If it’s fairly soon – it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast.  This will give you an idea of how warm it is expected to be, and an indicator of whether or not you should look out for warmer clothes despite the season.  Also plan ahead for silly things, such as a gift to bring them.  The less you are stressing about small stuff like this, the more relaxed you will feel about the occasion in general and not as panicked about your outfit.  When shopping think about the location of the barbeque.  Is it just in someone’s back garden? Are you lucky enough to have friends that have a pool or who have rented out an event space for a summer party?  

Follow a Fashion Formula

A standard piece of advice when people are wondering what to wear to a barbeque is to dress using a fashion formula.  A very basic formula that will have you looking perfect for a barbeque in pretty much all scenarios would be a dress that’s light on top and falls slightly above the knee.  This gives you the option to add some great accessories.  Womens sandals are a great place to start.  If you think you may be on your feet mingling for a while – you may want to opt for some comfortable sliders to go with your dress.  These will also fit into the “casual” approach if that’s the dress code.  You also need to worry less about “breaking them in” as you would with other styles of shoes. If you need to add a new pair to your wardrobe, then IKRUSH have these sandals for women in many different varieties to add to your outfit.  

If your dress is a solid colour, you can team it up with some more interesting jewellery pieces or a floppy hat which are on trend this summer.   If it has a print, maybe go with a more understated piece of jewellery or pair of sandals. With a nice light dress on top – it gives you the flexibility to choose to dress up or down depending on what is planned in the day/evening.

Be Practical as Well as Fashionable

This is where the sliders come in.  There is no point in wearing high heels and being uncomfortable the whole evening.  The aim is to enjoy yourself, so opt for the comfortable choice.  If you have checked the weather forecast and it is a little on the cold side – you can also bring a stylish blazer or cardigan to go with your dress.  You also may be there a while if you are having fun – so it will get cooler as the day/night progresses.  Also, always remember to take a handbag!  Ideally this would match your shoes, but you also may want to put your bits and bobs including make-up in there, and it could end up a statement piece on its own if it is stylish.  It’s important to look good, but you won’t have a good time if you are uncomfortable and don’t have your essentials with you.  

Hopefully you now have some sound advice as to how to dress for any upcoming barbeques you have been invited to. Remember they are meant to be fun occasions whether they are formal or informal, so our main takeaway is for you to plan ahead as much as you can and focus simply on enjoying yourself.  You can’t go wrong with our fashion formula. 

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