Adopting and Re-homing Pets: Find the right match for you!

When I became a mother, it was extremely important to find a pet that would get along with children. Finding the perfect pet in the Atlanta area to join a family can be difficult and overwhelming.  Sometimes pets that are already part of our families might end up not being the perfect fit once babies arrive. Other situations such as time, relocation, and lifestyle changes might also affect or allow for the ability to own a pooch.

Adopting a pet is a great way to add to your family but sometimes the process can be difficult. While adopting a dog from a shelter is an amazing thing to do, we often don’t know the dog’s entire background or history. Joining a community of pet lovers who are seeking to adopt and seeking to re-home pets is extremely beneficial. Not only are you able to alleviate the heartache of a family who has to find a new home for their pet, you’ll find out everything you need about the dog directly from it’s owner. Pet owners can connect with pet seekers and determine if they’ve found the perfect pet/new owner.

There are certain breeds – like Pitt Bulls – that have been hugely misunderstood so it’s important to learn and educate ourselves before making decisions based on incorrect facts. Having the opportunity to speak directly, meet and interact with current pet owners or potential new owners gives everyone the chance to discover first hand if the match is an ideal one.

Direct rescue & adoption of pets, from one good home to another. Rehoming a Pit bull keeps them out of shelters.

Get Your Pet: Adopt a Pitbull or Other Pet in Atlanta

I have seen first hand the heartache that many friends go through when deciding if it’s time to re-home a pet.  Not only is it hard to find a new home for your pet, it’s even harder to find the perfect new home. It becomes more challenging when the breed is full of misconceptions.

Pitt Bulls are probably the most criticized dogs when in fact they can be as loving, loyal, protective and fun as any other breed. Take the time to research and connect with current pet owners who are looking for a new home for their doggies. Learn first hand what kind of pets they are and help avoid shelter overpopulation by finding the perfect pet or home for your beloved pup.

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  1. Monique A.

    I wish I had know about this service when I was trying to rehome our dog. It was such a hard thing to do, this would’ve definitely would eased the pain 🙁 Thank you for sharing.


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