4 Ways You Can Feel A Little Younger

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There comes a point for every adult when we no longer recognize the names of the artists singing on the radio, we have no idea what our kids are watching on TV and why they like it, and we absolutely refuse to understand why our children like watching other children unwrap toys and then play with them on YouTube. They’re all signs that we’re getting older…never mind the grey hairs and the big bags under our eyes. 

It’s understandable to feel a little down in the dumps about it all, and you might be wondering how you can feel a little younger, and which are the best anti-aging creams on the market… Well, let me tell you that you don’t need to head to an aesthetic clinic to feel young again. Just try some of these super simple ideas instead.

Have more sex

We thought we’d start with one that everyone will probably get on board with! Studies show that having regular intimacy with your partner actually helps both of you to look and feel incredible. All those feel-good endorphins releasing, blood pumping – and it’s the most fun way to work out and get some exercise! Better than going for a run in my book!

Get flexible

Everyone’s joints stiffen up with age, and our bodies get tired much quicker then they once did. Especially if you’re tired after running around with the kids all day or sat at your desk typing away for hours on end. The answer? Get some Pilates or yoga in your life and start working on your flexibility. Adding a thirty minute session into your daily routine shouldn’t be too difficult; you could even work on your Yoga or Pilates after the kids have gone to bed and the house is a little quieter. It’s a nice way to unwind before you hit the hay too.


I know. There’s nothing worse than someone advising you to: “smile! What’s the worst that could happen?!” But, I don’t mean smiling at the request of others. I just mean let some of your happiness shine through and let everyone see. Someone tells you a funny joke – don’t hide your laughter, if you see a cute dog on the way to work, smile! Baring those pearly whites makes you look younger, and you feel younger too! If you’re conscious of your smile, then don’t worry. Speak to you dentist – you need to take care of yourself too, you know!

Lift weights

The weight room in the gym can feel like an intimidating place. But it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, a regular gym goer or someone who goes as often as their schedule allows – you should be in the weight room. Weight training doesn’t mean that us ladies will bulk up and look like body builders – those weight lifters are people who’ve taken their passion for lifting to a competitive level. Lifting weights increases your endurance, your strength and tones your body. Creating muscle will make you look and feel younger! 

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