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Four Makeup Rules That Were Made to Be Broken

With so much choice available today, it can be easy for anybody who’s not totally passionate about makeup to feel completely overwhelmed. If it’s not YouTube and Instagram videos on the latest trends such as baking and contouring, there are new products, shades, and techniques to keep up with – all of which can leave you wondering, have I been doing my make-up wrong all this time? The good news is that if it works for you, then you should certainly keep working that look however you like it. But in the meantime, here are some common makeup rules that you can bend.  

#1. Never Apply Makeup with Your Hands:

Unless you’re using a brand-new, squeaky clean make-up brush or sponge, then there’s not much difference between that and applying makeup with your fingers. In fact, using your fingers can even offer better results since it allows for greater precision. That being said, using your fingers to apply your makeup can lead to problems with oily skin, so it’s best to avoid doing so if you’re prone to this. And, always make sure that your hands are freshly washed and dried before you begin to avoid the spread of nasty bacteria onto your face. 

#2. Cheap Makeup Isn’t Worth It:

All the Instagrammers and YouTubers out there are promoting high-end makeup brands that cost a great deal of money, but bear in mind that they’re doing so because they are paid for it, or because they get to keep the product that they are using for free in return for the advertisement. The truth is that mid-range and even some very cheap makeup brands are just as good, with some users even going so far to say that their favorite cheap brand is better than the high-end market leaders. So, don’t be ashamed to pick up that $5 pallet! 

#3. What Goes First:

Have you ever wondered if you’re putting your makeup on in the right order? Is there even an order that you should put makeup on in? Actually, the experts reckon that there is. In fact, the products that you apply to your face, both makeup and non-makeup, can make a whole lot of difference to much more than just your looks. Be sure to start off with a SPF moisturizing product that not only keeps your skin soft and hydrated, but also helps to ensure that it is protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays all year round. 

#4. Avoid the “Fake” Accessories

A lot of people say that you should embrace your natural beauty.  And while this is all well and good, and on the whole, we agree, some occasions just call for something extra.  Take a wedding, or a night out with the girls as an example.  In order to stand out under the bright lights, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your makeup.  This means emphasizing your eyes, and accentuating your features so that you look and feel beautiful in all kinds of lighting.  Bright eyeshadows and black eyelash extensions are sure to make your eyes pop – check out this selection of eyelash extensions to find the best ones for you. 

Which of these makeup rules do you stick to? 

Disclosure: This post was written by the client. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

Adopting and Re-homing Pets: Find the right match for you!

When I became a mother, it was extremely important to find a pet that would get along with children. Finding the perfect pet in the Atlanta area to join a family can be difficult and overwhelming.  Sometimes pets that are already part of our families might end up not being the perfect fit once babies arrive. Other situations such as time, relocation, and lifestyle changes might also affect or allow for the ability to own a pooch.

Adopting a pet is a great way to add to your family but sometimes the process can be difficult. While adopting a dog from a shelter is an amazing thing to do, we often don’t know the dog’s entire background or history. Joining a community of pet lovers who are seeking to adopt and seeking to re-home pets is extremely beneficial. Not only are you able to alleviate the heartache of a family who has to find a new home for their pet, you’ll find out everything you need about the dog directly from it’s owner. Pet owners can connect with pet seekers and determine if they’ve found the perfect pet/new owner.

There are certain breeds – like Pitt Bulls – that have been hugely misunderstood so it’s important to learn and educate ourselves before making decisions based on incorrect facts. Having the opportunity to speak directly, meet and interact with current pet owners or potential new owners gives everyone the chance to discover first hand if the match is an ideal one.

Direct rescue & adoption of pets, from one good home to another. Rehoming a Pit bull keeps them out of shelters.

Get Your Pet: Adopt a Pitbull or Other Pet in Atlanta

I have seen first hand the heartache that many friends go through when deciding if it’s time to re-home a pet.  Not only is it hard to find a new home for your pet, it’s even harder to find the perfect new home. It becomes more challenging when the breed is full of misconceptions.

Pitt Bulls are probably the most criticized dogs when in fact they can be as loving, loyal, protective and fun as any other breed. Take the time to research and connect with current pet owners who are looking for a new home for their doggies. Learn first hand what kind of pets they are and help avoid shelter overpopulation by finding the perfect pet or home for your beloved pup.

Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy

We all strive to have perfect, ageless skin. However, when life takes its toll, it can be incredibly easy for the daily stresses to show on our skin. Here are just a few ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Healthy Diet
One of the most important steps that you should follow to help keep your skin healthy is by following a healthy diet. The foods you eat and the products you use play a major part in keeping a clear complexion. Making minor changes to your diet can help improve your skin significantly so it is recommended that you make a food diary where you can document all the food and drink you eat each day. That way, you will be able to adjust to fit in with a healthy and balanced diet. Some skin healthy foods that you can implement into your diet include mangoes and tomatoes, with research showing that putting tomato paste in your meals may be able to protect you from sunburn. Olive oil and green tea are also great additions to your diet that can give your skin a wide range of benefits.

Stopping Smoking
If you are currently a smoker, it is likely that your skin has suffered a considerable amount of damage. This is because smoking narrows the blood vessels that are found in the outer layer of your skin, which reduces the blood flow, resulting in a loss of oxygen that your skin needs for it to stay and remain healthy. The collagen and elasticity of your skin are also damaged by smoking, causing a reduction of collagen production. If you are struggling to quit smoking, there are alternative routes that you can go down such as vaping.

Visiting an online vape store and you will find more information, if you look on Grey Haze you will find a breakdown of information and products to suit your needs. With various flavours and models to pick from, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget. You are also eligible for free delivery if you spend £30 or more. If you are living outside the UK, Grey Haze can ship worldwide.

Cutting Alcohol Intake
Reducing or cutting your alcohol intake altogether can make a huge difference and help improve your skin. Not only will your skin become healthier, but your risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancers may fall. Alcohol can play a major part in drying out your skin, causing a wide range of problems. Making a note of how much alcohol you currently drink can help you identify what route to go down to help improve your skin.

Reducing Stress
If you suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety, you may notice that your skin is not in the best condition. Many people who suffer from high stress levels are more likely to experience issues with their skin, including hair loss, itchy skin, sweating, hand rashes and flaky patches on the scalp. Researchers also suspect that high stress levels increase the quantity of sebum (an oily substance that blocks your pores) which results in acne. If you are looking for ways to help reduce stress, there are various techniques that you can try out including mediation or yoga.

Skin moisturisers help keep the top layer of your skin cells hydrated. Keeping your skin well moisturised will eliminate the risk of dry, flaky, and itchy skin. There are a variety of ways to help keep moisture locked in which include taking one 5-10-minute shower or bath each day. If you are prone to spending long periods in either, it is likely that the water will strip away the oily layer of your skin, which will end up drying it out. Opting for warm water as opposed to hot water can be another way to keep your skin’s moisture. Also, make sure that you are using soaps and products that are suitable for your skin. Harsh soaps and cleansers can be doing you more harm than good, so it is best to check the label and identify whether you have any skin allergies to prevent any problems from occurring.

Getting Sleep
Getting the right amount of sleep each night is important for all sorts of reasons. Not only will it help your physical and mental health, but your skin will also thank you for it too. Getting your beauty sleep will help get rid of dark circles around your eyes and leave your skin feeling more refreshed and alive. When in a deep sleep, your body enters into repair mode to regenerate your muscles, blood, skin and brain cells. Without a good amount of sleep, your body cannot produce new collagen which helps protect and prevent your skin from sagging and losing elasticity.

If you follow all the steps listed, you should begin to see a noticeable improvement in your skin. If you are still struggling with ways to keep your skin healthy, make sure you book an appointment with your doctor who will be able to give you further assistance.

Disclosure: This post was written by the client. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255


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Fashion Essentials You Need this Winter Season

Autumn is finally here and while we have just said goodbye to the summer sun, it won’t be long before the temperature drops again and we’re preparing for the winter season! What’s great about transitioning from autumn to winter is that there are only a few updates that you will need to make to your wardrobe that will set you up until spring arrives. To find out what the fashion essentials are that you need this winter season, make sure to carry on reading!

A Wool Coat

One of the most important pieces in any winter wardrobe is a wool coat, which is especially true for those living in very cold climates. A wool coat will be the hardest working clothing item in your wardrobe this season and what you will be living in over the coming months. This year, you should look for a wool coat with a modern silhouette or bold statement colour to add a pop of style into the colder months. Furthermore, you will also want to consider picking a classic coloured wool coat in navy, black, or grey. Camel is also another neutral colour that is incredibly popular this season and looks great as a looser fit over chunky layers.

A Rain Jacket

A rain jacket is a practical option that it a must-have over the winter season. We would recommend that you invest in a rain jacket that is easy to slip inside your bag for those unexpected showers that tend to always happen during this season. Make sure that the rain jacket you are choosing has a hood and a bright colour will certainly brighten up any rainy day.

A Scarf and Beanie

Many people tend to forget about winter fashion essentials such as scarves and hats until the temperature severely drops! Get in there quick and pick out a great scarf and beanie so that you will be prepared for the winter season when it arrives. A scarf is a great way to keep you cosy whilst also looking stylish and you can stock up on lots of different ones in different colours, prints and styles. A long scarf that can be worn both loose or knotted is a great option. Also, don’t forget about a beanie as this will keep you warm and save your hair from the cold winter breeze. Stock up

Warm Boots

Another statement item in any winter wardrobe is a pair of stylish and warm ladies boots to see you through the season. A pair of cosy and warm boots will help to keep you warm and your feet dry. Water resistant boots with a warm lining are a great option here for the freezing temperatures and furry lined boots are all the rage right now. What’s great about boots is that you can wear them with pretty much anything and they are extremely versatile, from skirts to jeans to dresses, they can work with anything! Our style tip would be to pair them with some cute graphic socks which are not only stylish but will keep you extra warm too. It’s a win-win!

Cable knit Sweaters

One thing that we cannot live without through every winter season is a gorgeous chunky cable knit sweater. You can trade in your lightweight jumpers for these extra chunky pieces and you’ll find that you may not even require your jacket much of the time with this clothing item to keep you warm. Try looking for a cable knit jumper with a relaxed fit as this can then be layered over your long-sleeved t-shirt.

Disclosure: This post was written by the client. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255