Summer Must Have Jewelry: Gold Necklaces

Can we talk summer jewelry?
Diamond jewelry for date nights or a nights out with the girls are great but there’s nothing that I love more than delicate, dainty jewelry for day AND night! Their elegance, simplicity and wearability always keeps me going back to gold necklaces

My favorite new piece this summer is this Obelisk Pendant in the most beautiful rose gold shade (also available in yellow and white gold). Simple, elegant, edgy AND wearable in 2 lengths. A beautiful forged gold bar is suspended on a hidden bail from a delicate gold chain, secured by a lobster clasp. Just a tip, if you’re looking to buy loose gemstones for sale in Sydney, and may already have a favourite piece of mineral crystal, have some research on Certified Diamond Network first.

A single, tapered blade of gold is a singular statement. Both elegant and audacious, it’s the killer accessory your simple sweater or crisp, classic shirt needs.

Gold necklaces and vintage pocket watches UK make it so easy to effortlessly dress an outfit up or down. I’m always looking for pieces that are not only beautiful and timeless but made from the best quality material at reasonable prices.

If you are looking to add an extra finishing touch to any outfit, finding the perfect accessories is key. My favorite way to elevate and finish an outfit is by adding simple but beautiful pieces.

During the super hot Georgia summers, I tend to simplify my outfits. I’m also a busy mom of 3 who likes to throw on a cute dress, some strappy sandals, some lip gloss and be out for the day – or night. My jewelry needs to match my crazy life. Simple jewelry is always on my must wear list. Gold is my favorite metal so I always gravitate to pieces that are beautiful and versatile.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite gold necklaces and pairing them with the perfect outfits for the season. Simple, delicate pieces that will take your everyday looks to the next level. Whether you are heading to a pool party, brunch or date night… you can never go wrong with dainty gold necklaces.

Comment below and let me know which pieces you love and what items you would pair them with! I’d love to hear what’s your go to necklace or one you have on your current “wish list”.



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4 Awesome Ways to Style Your Outfit with Sneakers

Sneakers are the perfect addition to pretty much any outfit.  Not only are they comfortable, but they also never go out of style.  From bold and brash Gucci sneakers to classic Adidas Originals, and the more skater-style Vans and Converse, sneakers are no longer purely reserved for the gym.  You can dress them up or dress them down and embody a true sense of style no matter where you go.  If you’re a bit unsure about how to style your sneakers, read on.  We’re going to give you a variety of style ideas that will make you want to leave your heels behind and switch to something more relaxed.

White Sneakers with Cuffed Jeans

Nothing says effortlessly stylish like a pair of white sneakers worn with cuffed jeans.  Pair them with a light t-shirt and an oversized bag and you’ll look cool and relaxed during the summer months of the year.  Any style of white sneakers works well here, but we especially love the Chuck Taylor Converse for this look.  Crisp and charming, and made from fabric rather than leather, they’re a top addition to any summer wardrobe.

Sporty 80s Style Sneakers with Double Denim

Double denim is one of this season’s must-have trends, and nothing pairs better with it than a pair of sporty 80s style sneakers.  White is again the most popular color here, but there’s no rule that states you can’t opt for black, or even a brighter color if you wish.  When shopping for sneakers for this look, look for a pair with a large tongue, which you can leave hanging open.  Adidas has some great sneakers that would be perfect for this look, with their Hardland range being a good choice.

High-End Sneakers with a Midi Dress

Midi dresses are especially popular during the summer months, as they not only look fantastic but also keep you cool as well.  Rather than pairing your midi with a pair of sandals or flip flops this season, dress up your look and show off your personality with a pair of high-end Gucci sneakers instead.  The Gucci collection found at includes some fantastic options that will work well with midi dresses of all colors. Add a statement bag and a pair of oversized sunglasses to complete the look.

Vans or Converse with Vintage Tees

Sneakers don’t have to be reserved for trips to the gym.  In fact, as you can see from this list, fashionable sneakers can be worn for all occasions!

For the ultimate in cool girl style, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of Vans or Converse paired with a vintage tee.  High tops or low tops, the choice is yours, as is the color you choose.  Matched with a pair of denim shorts, a Guns n Roses t-shirt, and a large hat, you’ll definitely turn heads as you walk down the sidewalk or along the beach on a hot summer’s day.  Wear your hair loose to complete the look.

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4 Best Ingredients and Nutrients to Look for in Supplements

image via Pinterest

Even with the healthiest diet, it is still very difficult to meet your body’s daily dietary requirements. You have to consume sufficient nutrients so that the body can metabolize and regenerate at an optimum rate, but maintaining the right amount of nutrient consumption isn’t always easy. It gets even more difficult to maintain a healthy diet when you have a busy day or you often skip meals.

This is where dietary supplements come in handy. ashwagandha capsules contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed by the body. They are also more carefully formulated, mainly because they are designed to provide additional nutrients rather than being your only source of those nutrients. Additional ingredients found in today’s best supplements also bring more benefits.

Here’s the big question: which supplement should you consume? There are plenty of options to choose from, so finding the right one can be tricky. To help you choose one that suits you best, here are several nutrients and ingredients to look for.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D does not dissolve in water, which is why overconsumption of vitamin D must be avoided. It is also a nutrient that is not easy to find in food items. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight. Spending 15 minutes under the morning sun is one of the best ways to allow the body to synthesize vitamin D effectively.

That said, more than 40% of people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. For those of us who work inside an office all day, getting enough sunlight can be difficult. The use of sunscreen also prevents the body from synthesizing vitamin D naturally.

Worry not, because you can find vitamin D in various supplements. Supplements made from fatty fish usually contain sufficient amounts of vitamin D required by the body. Vitamin D is also found in egg yolks and cereal, but you can regulate your vitamin D intake better with the help of a suitable supplement.

Calanus Oil

According to River Front Times, Calanus oil is an ingredient that brings a long list of benefits to the table. Studies about the use of Calanus oil were sparked by observation of the bowhead whales, one of the oldest whales found in the wild. Bowhead whales can live for more than 200 years and the only food they consume is a type of plankton in the North Seas.

That same plankton is the source of Calanus oil. As this article explains, the oil helps your body metabolize at an optimum rate. The result is better weight control; with the right diet, supplements that contain Calanus oil can also help with weight loss.

Other benefits include an increase in stamina and endurance. As the leading manufacturer of supplements that contain Calanus oil, Immunocorp combines the oil with other ingredients to further amplify its effects. Immunocorp Calanus oil supplements also contain omega 3 fatty acids, enhancing the benefits even further.


The next nutrient to look for is magnesium. It is one of the essential minerals needed by your body to produce energy and maintain its health. On top of that, magnesium also brings additional benefits, including better bone health.

There are plenty of food items that contain magnesium, but there are still so many cases of magnesium deficiency, particularly because the food items that contain this nutrient are not a regular part of the western diet. Soybeans, brown rice, and certain types of nuts are where you can get the most magnesium.

Similar to the previous nutrients, the best way to meet your daily magnesium requirement is by consuming the right supplement. Regular consumption brings additional benefits, including lower stress, a better sleep pattern, and balanced blood sugar levels.


Folate, also known as folic acid, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of folate helps the body in fighting stress and balancing the production of cortisol. At the same time, it also the nutrient required for growing your nails and reducing inflammations in different parts of the body.

Folate is normally found in avocado and leafy greens. The recommended daily intake, however, is around 400 mcg. If you are pregnant, that requirement goes all the way up to 600 mcg. Consuming this amount from food items can be tricky, but you can now find supplements that contain folic acid to help even things out. 

It is also not uncommon for supplements to contain methyl folate rather than folic acid. Methyl folate is the more active form of folate and it is easier to synthesize. Methyl folate also gets absorbed by the body more optimally, especially when consumed while the stomach is empty.

Seek these ingredients when searching for the best supplements to consume. You will gain more benefits and have the ability to meet your daily requirements. Consistency is the key to benefiting more from the nutrients you consume, and consuming supplements will help you get to the level of consistency your body needs. 

Disclosure: This post was written by the client. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

4 Ways You Can Feel A Little Younger

image via Bustle

There comes a point for every adult when we no longer recognize the names of the artists singing on the radio, we have no idea what our kids are watching on TV and why they like it, and we absolutely refuse to understand why our children like watching other children unwrap toys and then play with them on YouTube. They’re all signs that we’re getting older…never mind the grey hairs and the big bags under our eyes. 

It’s understandable to feel a little down in the dumps about it all, and you might be wondering how you can feel a little younger, and which are the best anti-aging creams on the market… Well, let me tell you that you don’t need to head to an aesthetic clinic to feel young again. Just try some of these super simple ideas instead.

Have more sex

We thought we’d start with one that everyone will probably get on board with! Studies show that having regular intimacy with your partner actually helps both of you to look and feel incredible. All those feel-good endorphins releasing, blood pumping – and it’s the most fun way to work out and get some exercise! Better than going for a run in my book!

Get flexible

Everyone’s joints stiffen up with age, and our bodies get tired much quicker then they once did. Especially if you’re tired after running around with the kids all day or sat at your desk typing away for hours on end. The answer? Get some Pilates or yoga in your life and start working on your flexibility. Adding a thirty minute session into your daily routine shouldn’t be too difficult; you could even work on your Yoga or Pilates after the kids have gone to bed and the house is a little quieter. It’s a nice way to unwind before you hit the hay too.


I know. There’s nothing worse than someone advising you to: “smile! What’s the worst that could happen?!” But, I don’t mean smiling at the request of others. I just mean let some of your happiness shine through and let everyone see. Someone tells you a funny joke – don’t hide your laughter, if you see a cute dog on the way to work, smile! Baring those pearly whites makes you look younger, and you feel younger too! If you’re conscious of your smile, then don’t worry. Speak to you dentist – you need to take care of yourself too, you know!

Lift weights

The weight room in the gym can feel like an intimidating place. But it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, a regular gym goer or someone who goes as often as their schedule allows – you should be in the weight room. Weight training doesn’t mean that us ladies will bulk up and look like body builders – those weight lifters are people who’ve taken their passion for lifting to a competitive level. Lifting weights increases your endurance, your strength and tones your body. Creating muscle will make you look and feel younger, if you need to loose some weight in the process, visit A&E and SNY Center`s official website and request an appointment.

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